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Top 5 Protocols for Sun-Gazing

May 10, 2017


At first glance, the concept of looking into the Sun begets fears of blindness. The road less travelled is the concept of building eye strength, syncing circadian rhythm, balancing neurological function, and accelerating lucidity in dreams. There is far more waiting for you on the deeper end of the rabbit hole.


Let's examine these five protocols that have been used by many to make the Sun gazing experience work in your favor.




1.) Timing is Critical


The science behind the blindness fear is actually the UV index associated with the Sun at its zenith. There is a small window for gazing twice a day, Sunrise and Sunset. The higher the Sun gets, the greater the UV index. The initial dawn and the last drop of dusk is clear of UV. This is your ideal time to take advantage of the Suns ocular benefits. This also doubles in promoting proper circadian alignment. The dawning Sun should be your first light to see. 




2.) Get Grounded


In the modern era we have lost a big portion of our intimate relation with the Earth and its electromagnetic benefits. We wear rubber based shoes that disconnect our feet, and usually on a matrix of urban construction not conducive to the natural Earth. It is best to be barefoot on the Earth, or wear conductive footwear explained below. Probably the best location to do so is on a east facing ocean beach for dawn and a west facing beach for sunset. If you live in southern Florida, you are in the best place to benefit the most. Many of us do not live near beach so let's explore more options. If you live in mountains you can get a great workout climbing to an excellent vantage point and be connected to the vortex energy of the mountain. If in grass lands, the morning dew combined with silica rich grass makes for a great conductive medium. The benefit of grounding is it improves the flow and continuity of the bodies natural electromagnetic field by roughly 350 volts pending on grounding medium



3.) Using Tools and Garments


In addition to grounding barefoot on the Earth, there are certain tools and garments that can be used to enhance the electromagnetic field. The Ancient Egyptians used conductive rods while Sun gazing (pictured at Luxor in Las Vegas) They are usually made with varietal conductive materials to imitate the north and south pole of a battery. 


One of the most notable Sun gazing societies was the Incan of South America. They would wear golden vests with chakra based gem stones. They would also hold smelted gold discs in their palms open faced to receive the bio-photopic benefits of the Sun. Ancient tribes from around the world, especially in colder climates, utilized animal skin "moccasins" which connected them to the Earth rather than modern day rubber shoes. There are also different fabrics that facilitate a corresponding effect. Alpaca, wool, hemp, and cotton are some examples. There are many concepts of functional jewelry that promotes the flow of energy in the body. Gemstones and minerals that can be worn on varietal energy junctions on the body also facilitate better flow. A few examples are Phenacite, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Moldavite, Copper wire, Gold wire, Iridium, Pyrite, and Quartz.



4.) Conductive Nutrition


This particular subject is targeted towards people who are not on prescription drugs or suffering from major illnesses. If this is you then always consult your nutritionist. For the rest of us who carve our own paths and hack our biology beyond inherent perceived dispositions... These are some items to promote the absorption of bio-photons and increase the ocular capacity to look into the Sun given appropriate protocols listed. 


The most important is the facilitation of mitochondrial energy output. Well sourced DHA is critical to this function. It is the ultimate conduit to cellular absorption of light. I would say fish oil is a great source but lets be real about the toxicity of the oceans and the degeneration of farmed fish. Lab grown algae is where its at for DHA. This is the foundation for ocular health. Next us is Saffron in high volumes for its numerous nutrients and high levels of Astaxanthin. This amazing chemical constituent allows the eyes to receive brighter levels of light. You see where I am going with that on an epigenetic level? Next is Lutein, you can supplement it directly or source it from Goji berries. I would strongly suggest looking into TCM (traditional chinese medicine) recipe's for eye health. It is said that the more pigments you eat, the more pigments you can see. The truth of that statement may greatly differ for obvious reasons but there is an extent of "you are what you eat" that alludes to certain frequencies and mineral compositions involved in very heavily pigmented substances... i.e. Chaga, Cherry, Saffron, wild black goji, phycocyanin, spirulina, schisandra, turmeric, etc... 




5.) De-calcify Pineal Gland


Esoterically considered the mark of the beast, A calcified pineal gland will reduce ones awareness to consciousness and greatly disrupt ones health. Vitamin D from the Sun and supplementation is the first step in processing calcium out of the body. Calcium is not the only enemy of neurological health. Aluminum, Mercury, Cadmium, Strontium, and most certainly Fluoride are part of the "Sinister Six". Most of these are absorbed into the body from the onslaught of pollution in our modern world. Some herbs utilized in cleansing these are Cilantro, Zeolite, Shilajit, Charcoal, Tamarind, Schisandra, Spirulina, Chlorella, Selenium, and Magnesium. Sun gazing has been found to nourish the pineal gland and in some cases based on the individual, enhance its size and chemical secretions involved in accessing higher octaves of consciousness.



These five protocols are critical to the appropriate way to Sun gaze. For further depth on the issue please research HRM and Jainist principles of the Sun. Also, I mentioned many herbs and supplements... You may contact me on social media for more info. 




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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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